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Priceless Planet Coalition

Priceless Planet Coalition

Uniting as a force for good so that our planet can thrive

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that the planet and humanity are facing.

Our best resource to address the climate emergency is nature herself. By protecting, enhancing, and restoring our natural ecosystems, we can increase the capture of carbon dioxide and help mitigate climate change.

A restoration project is run through the Priceless Planet Coalition (PPC), an initiative by Mastercard in collaboration with climate science and forest restoration experts from Conservation International (CI) and the World Resources Institute (WRI), which aims to restore 100 million trees around the world. As part of this global initiative, Emirates Nature-WWF has partnered with Mastercard and PPC to restore and regenerate 50,000 mangroves and associated coastal ecosystems in the UAE by focusing on the maximum impact on climate, community and biodiversity.

The project’s primary focus in the UAE will be to regenerate mangrove ecosystems in the Northern Emirates. Its goal is to restore 50,000 mangrove trees and associated coastal ecosystems while creating a platform for stakeholder and community engagement, expert collaboration, and civil society participation.