Nature & Wildlife

Nature & Wildlife

Interestingly, WWF was originally established to conserve endangered species and protect their habitats, namely the Giant Panda of China, hence the iconic logo. Since then, it has evolved into becoming the largest environmental NGO that combats biodiversity loss and climate change - the core of which links back to the legacy of protecting species and habitats.

At Emirates Nature-WWF, nature and biodiversity conservation is at the heart of everything we do.

From the mountains and mangroves to its desert and coastline, the UAE is home to many different ecosystems and unique wildlife. These fragile environments are under threat from rapid growth, hunting, tourism, poaching and over-grazing by feral animals. So by working closely with partners and local communities, it’s our mission to save this marvelous array of nature - and the biodiversity within.

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Our goal is to enhance and restore natural ecosystems with measurable biodiversity, social and economic benefits.

Together with our partners from government and private as well as researchers and communities, we are implementing projects that advance action  in line with global post-2020 biodiversity commitments, and deliver science-based management actions to protect and restore critical ecosystems in the UAE.