Notice Nature

The Notice Nature Project


Climate change, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, food, and water scarcity. The list goes on and on.

In a world where the delicate balance of nature is under constant threat, our commitment to preserving and safeguarding the unique biodiversity of the UAE has never been stronger.

In this Year of Sustainability, Mashreq Bank and Emirates Nature-WWF are proud to present the UAE’s Boldest Wildlife Mapping mass-scale citizen science movement for the purpose of evaluating the conservation status of key species to protect and safeguard the rich biodiversity in our Nation.

With unwavering dedication, together we have embarked on a ground-breaking initiative that embraces the power of citizen scientists – those remarkable individuals who walk the very lands, observe the skies, and explore the waters that define the beauty of the UAE.


This initiative is a milestone in the realm of biodiversity preservation. At its core, the collaboration aims to create an exclusive biodiversity mapping and ecosystem rehabilitation project.

Through the deployment of both simple and advanced scientific techniques, we aim to collect critical data on the state of biodiversity within our Nation.

This data will allow us to understand how issues such as urbanization, pollution, rising temperatures and more, affect both our flora and fauna species. The data shall also support in creating an extensive database and establishing baselines that shall help bring to life various monitoring and protection measures for our habitats and species.


Our approach for the initiative is simple, yet unique and first-of-its-kind. The project aims at activating the largest citizen science community the UAE has ever seen.


Step 1: Citizen Science

The project shall bring together individuals, families, organisations, decision-makers, and future leaders of tomorrow to not just upskill themselves, but directly contribute via data collection and be involved in real credible citizen science engagement.

Step 2: Advanced Scientific Mechanisms

Alongside the community, we aim to deploy terrestrial conservation experts in the field to use advanced scientific tools and monitoring techniques to capture complex data, initiate and execute habitat protection measures that will help in rewilding different habitats across the country, enhancing the ecosystem for our species.


The UAE is blessed with a remarkable diversity of species, and this partnership underscores the critical importance of preserving this unique natural heritage. And for the purpose of this project, we place special emphasis on the below species: