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Discover our work

Discover our work

This is our commitment to nature and humanity.

We are on a mission to ensure that nature thrives and enables the long-term prosperity and resilience of the UAE. We intend to achieve this by implementing effective, functional long-term solutions that place biodiversity and climate action at the center of sustainable development in the UAE, in collaboration with government entities, businesses, civil society and future leaders.

As governments and businesses are becoming more aware about the socio-economic benefits humanity derives from nature, following a nature-positive approach will help advance innovation, and drive long term economic and social resilience  ultimately creating new economic prospects while also delivering benefits to human health, food security and biodiversity.

Our work prioritises key conservation topics and interventions based on local needs, federal goals, international agreements, and WWF targets. They also take into consideration the most pressing opportunities and threats to the environment and human well-being.