UAE Alliance for Climate Action(UACA)

UAE Alliance for Climate Action(UACA)

The Road to COP28 & Beyond.

In October 2021, the UAE announced its ambition to become net-zero by 2050 and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has initiated the UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative. The net-zero target strategy is now in development to support the implementation of the target and guide how net-zero will be achieved by the country.

The role of non-state actors.

The need for ramping up collective momentum on credible decarbonization in line with science and for a bottom-up approach to deliver on the UAE’s net-zero vision and the Paris Agreement is needed now. Non-state actors play a key role in driving momentum but many lack the capacity, understanding and technical support to implement the strategy and plans needed to deliver targets. The good news is that local efforts to collaborate are also growing in size, scope and momentum.

In order to achieve scalable momentum, business leaders and non-state actors must be given the tools, knowledge, visibility and increase overall collaboration to achieving the Paris Agreement. This will help them to better understand the value of decarbonizing and join the race to increase ambition and implementation. This increased momentum will impact overall momentum and ambition and most importantly, action.

UAE Alliance for Climate Action For Non-state Actors.

We are proud to announce the very first UAE-tailored alliance for climate action, named the UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA).

The project will create an alliance of stakeholders to increase momentum of the Paris-aligned targets and see greater collaboration.