Experience climate resilience

through the mangrove-themed escape Room

Escape Room

The Escape Climate Change - Mangrove Edition escape room adventure is part of Environment Agency Abu Dhabi’s and Emirates Nature-WWF's COP28 Youth Climate and Nature Series to expand the active community of volunteers and citizen scientists in the UAE throughout the Year of Sustainability and COP28.

It highlights the imperative action of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and showcases how the UAE is undertaking essential projects to build climate resilience and engaging youth and the wider community to partake in and lead initiatives on the ground.

The experience is centered around the restoration of natural ecosystems, with a particular focus on the critical role played by mangroves. Set in a virtual mangrove forest during adverse weather conditions, participants will embark on a meaningful adventure to escape the impacts of climate change and safeguard our natural heritage, by relying on the restorative powers of mangroves.  

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