Target Climate workshop. Photo by Headway on Unsplash
Target Climate

Learn how to reduce your organisation’s carbon emissions by joining our Target Climate Initiative.

Project Name

Lead the UAE’s transition to a low-carbon economy

Climate change is widely regarded as the greatest threat of our time, putting societies, economies and nations at risk. Globally, corporates are a significant contributor of greenhouse gas emissions which lead directly to climate change. Good corporate practices can go a long way in mitigating carbon emissions.

Our Target Climate Initiative is designed to help you estimate and manage your organisation’s carbon footprint and access case studies of organisations that have committed already. These tools and resources will equip you to set targets for emission reductions and achieve your goals.

Project Goals

Our goal is to equip corporates with the capabilities to monitor, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions and identify further opportunities to cut back on emissions.

We aim to support corporates in their low-carbon transformation journey by setting up a local Community of Practice (CoP) on climate action that will meet regularly to share best practices.

Join us in building a sustainable future, together.


Workshops conducted


Individuals from 84 companies trained 

How to calculate the carbon footprint of your organisation?

Videos from Target Climate Webinar.

Download the Practical Guide, Green House Gas Inventory tool and Presentation slides below:

Developing Greenhouse Gas Inventory: Practical Guide

Green House Gas Inventory Tool

Target Climate Webinar: Day 1

Target Climate Webinar: Day 2

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